3 Tips for Generating Interest in Your Rental Property

Swamped among the myriad of home rental options, potential renters sift through flyers, web pages, listings, and featured articles like flour through a sieve. What will make your listing stand out from among the others so that, at the end of the day, your property is on their short list of homes they actually want to visit? Get your home visited with bellevue property management.

In order to answer that question, we must analyze the top three aspects of your home that are of most immediate pertinence for a potential renter. They are price, first impression, and the potential renter’s personal inspection.


1. Price: Play it Smart and Match the Market

The experts recommend to only price your rental property at what the market can bear. For rental homes or apartments appraised at $100,000 or less, the professionals suggest that you price your monthly lease rate at 1.1% of the appraisal cost. For instance, an apartment appraised at $100,000 could charge $1,100 per month. As homes go up in price, the percentage amount per month that you can reasonably charge decreases. For instance, owners of a $250,000 home may only be able to charge .9% of it’s appraisal amount, leasing the property at a monthly fee of $2,250 a month. Do your research and stay in touch with market norms and trends in order to price your property at the appropriate going rate.


2. First Impression: You Need Adequate “Curb Appeal”

As potential renters flip through flyers and scroll through postings, you want your property to catch their eye. Paint over those chips in the trim. Replant the patchy areas in your grass. Trim your overgrown bushes. And finally, take photos of your home in the sunlight! Make it look the best that it possibly can.

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3. Their Personal Inspection: Prepare Your House For Your renter

Leaky faucets, chipped paint, stained carpet, wall dents, and moisture deformed wood don’t give the impression that you’ve cared for the house very well. Furthermore, if they see sorely needed repair projects that have been left untouched, they will doubt the adequacy of your overall maintenance efforts to preserve the quality of the home. Most likely, their confidence in you and your home will plummet. Prepare for your renter by making the adequate repairs necessary to welcome them to what, in their view, could be their new home.


Stay tuned for more tips on selling your home! Look for a future article regarding staging tips that are sure to catch your visitor’s attention and boost your success in selling your home. For more information about property management bellevue for your rental property, submit your property today and receive a free quote!

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